Advice to the Windows of Your Home

When deciding what type of window will place in our home we must consider a number of issues, among which are: the style of the home, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of window, etc. because the possibilities between which we can choose from are many and varied, as well as costs.

The  windows are what allow us to let in natural light, ventilate the different rooms, isolating each of these past both cold and heat, while also giving a personal touch to the house as part of the decor.

The windows are made of many different materials; the most common are aluminum, wood, and PVC.

Aluminum is one of the most used materials for windows, as it is very light, strong and stiff at high and low temperatures. It also has antioxidant properties and is highly resistant to the passage of time. Installation is simple and fast, are easy to clean, can be placed indoors and outdoors due to good resistance to weathering, and can find it in the market in various colors.

As for cost, it is one of the most accessible materials. Moreover, we found that among the disadvantages is a cold material and “sweats” during the winter months. Also, you can get snacks after a long time.

Wooden windows are those with more decorative value, greater elegance and perfectly match various styles of decoration, such as rustic, etc. Among its advantages are that the timber allows the walls to transpire from the inside to the outside, and they are much insulated from cold temperatures.

However, it is a material that requires some maintenance and care, such as varnishing, as often tends to swell or contract with moisture, and does not withstand temperature extremes. They are ideal for place indoors.

PVC windows are made ​​of polyvinyl rigid vinyl and contain hollow spaces inside which makes them resistant to condensation and heat loss, allowing us to conclude that this is the material more insulating power (both of heat or cold) and more resistant.

Also, do not deteriorate over time and maintenance, care and cleaning are very simple. It is also noise insulation, resists impacts, does not rust, is incorruptible, and also its price is low and accessible. Undoubtedly the PVC is the most suitable for windows of our house material.

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