Home Improvement projects that add value

Making home improvements can increase the value of your home and your sales appeal. Something small, such as replacing a window pane, or setting a noisy can convince a potential buyer. Step back and analyze what your home has flaws or what is missing details and if it would be cost effective to change them. Exterior First impressions are long… Read more →

How to change a kitchen lighting fixture

Replacing a kitchen lamp should take about 90 minutes for a beginner and 50 minutes for an experienced person, although those who have little or no experience in this field can expect to spend more time to get the task completed successfully. The main concern for people dealing with the installation or disposal of electrical appliances in their home is… Read more →

How to choose tile for a large room

Choosing tile can be an important investment, both in terms of time and money. This task can be particularly difficult if you are trying to select tiles for a large room. For many, it is difficult to find tiles that not only makes the room look proportionate, but also creates the desired environment for space. To select the best tile… Read more →

How to decorate your house with mustard color

Decorating the house using a color like yellow is not very common and only the most daring opt for this type of tone so different and personal. In the case of this type of color it is advisable to use it in a suitable way and to achieve in this way a home full of life and quite pleasant. The… Read more →

How to improve the air quality of your home

When you think about the home you will sometimes forget the most fundamental to the health of living things: the quality of the air of the home. The air you breathe in your home is just as important as the decoration or good taste you want to show in each of your accessories. Your home is great when it is… Read more →

How to improve the brightness of my home

Light is one of the most important aspects of a home: in addition to its practical functions, it serves to generate feelings, is decisive for the decoration of spaces and has a direct effect on the thermal comfort of the home. Ideas to take advantage of the natural light of your windows The distribution Homes that do not have open… Read more →

How to improve the thermal insulation of your home

Did you know that improving the thermal insulation of your home can represent an energy saving that varies between 30 and 50%? This is a not insignificant figure, especially in times when the cost of electric bill fluctuates every month. In fact, when there is no good thermal insulation, it is difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house… Read more →

How to improve the lighting of your home

The lighting of a room will always be very important in the home, but the lighting of the entire house forms a whole that should not be left in the background. Just as essential is having a good decoration to feel welcome at home as having adequate lighting and in conditions. The natural light is the one that must be… Read more →

How to remove strong house smells

Unpleasant odors in your home can come from a variety of sources. Strong odors from kitchen, the presence of mold and mildew or animals in need of a bath can contribute towards a less than pleasant smelling home. You must determine the origin of the scent in order to eliminate it completely. Otherwise they are just masking the smell. Once… Read more →

How to seal a bathtub with silicone

Both the installation of a tub bath new and replacement of old coating require a new seal. The version silicone lasts longer, comes in several colors and adheres well to the tiles. The seal around your tub is important to remove mold and prevent damage to the water It occurs on the walls. With a methodical approach, the right materials… Read more →