How to remove stains from a tube

The tubs are a magnet for all kinds of spots, and when you take a bath or shower it’s nice to have a shiny, clean bathtub and that looks like new. There are several methods to remove different types of stains from tubs, but if yours is old and porous, the stain may never leave. Instructions Determine what type of… Read more →

How to remove moisture from the basement

Musty odors in a house are produced as a result of mold. The mold spores are generated in the air, but these require certain conditions to grow like mushrooms. These conditions include a combination of humidity, warm temperatures, and lack of fresh air and sources of food. The most common areas of the house where they can accumulate mold are… Read more →

How to remodel a small kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is the dream of many women. In fact, bathroom and kitchen are the two most important rooms when trying to sell a house. This is because many people want to have nice bath rooms and demonstrate the art of cooking. However, not all houses are large enough to accommodate the desire of every kitchen. Many houses have… Read more →

How to redistribute bathroom plumbing

The great thing about remodeling bathrooms is that often results in an increase in the value of your home that is higher than the actual costs of remodeling. If you want more space or want a new pattern of traffic in the bathroom, one thing is inevitable, the need to relocate the pipes. Before you start buying accessories, make sure… Read more →

How to pour a monolithic concrete slab

A slab is always monolithic, meaning that is made ​​of a single pouring of concrete. Normally, when the term is used as monolithic, it is because the foundation and concrete slab poured simultaneously. Sometimes shoes are poured separately, but when the foundation and the slab is poured, at the same time is always stronger. A monolithic spill eliminates a cold… Read more →

How to paint a concrete floor to look like rock

The floor is cement durable, inexpensive and usually as boring as a gray walkway. But this does not have to stay that way. Painting imitations of cobblestones on a concrete floor can be an inexpensive and creative alternative. Instructions Clean the area of ​​use. Wipe with barrels and mop and allow drying. Sand the area lightly with sandpaper and then… Read more →

How to paint a ceramic tile on bathroom wall

Painted tiles in bathroom is a great alternative to spending a lot of money changing them. Discolored or ugly tiles in your shower or a table can be fixed using epoxy, latex or oil paint. If you are thinking of painting your tile, determine the wear and humidity before choosing paint. Spray paints, enamels and epoxies are unsuitable for tiles… Read more →

How to make your room feel like a luxurious hotel room

Entering a luxurious hotel room, with its grand design of interiors and style, can give you a feeling of absolute enjoyment and relaxation. With an eye for design, you can give a similar style to your own room. Instructions Paint your room in a color that complements the furniture in your room. Select sober paint to give the room warmth… Read more →

How to make your own mix to level the concrete floor

A paste to level the floor concrete is a simple mixture of concrete and water. It is a thick mixture that is used often to fill chipping of the concrete floor or level a tilted or embedded concrete area. It is very easy to mix and use. Instructions Measure the area to be covered with concrete mix. The dimensions obtained… Read more →

How to make the top of your chimney

A chimney cap or crown acts as a ceiling. The slope of the cover allows the water to flow away from the fireplace. When water seeps into the structure of the fireplace, can cause cracks in the masonry. Installing a chimney cap on will help prevent damage caused by water. These caps experience a lot of stress due to changes… Read more →