Change pedestal sink washbasin for wardrobe

To change washbasin pedestal sink by a wooden cabinet requires the following tools:

  • Jig or Scroll Saw, tool to open the hole in the sink or on the counter sink wood furniture or rear panel of the furniture needed to pass pipes supplies and drains.
  • Screwdriver, drill into the wall and drill the cabinet in order to perform installation in addition is also useful to put the pieces together with screws or nuts.
  • TCT Drill and wood drill bits TCT are special to drill in order to install the tiles and bathroom cabinet, the bit of wood needed to work in the wooden cabinet basin.
  • Screwdriver to tighten the screws and untighten faucets, trim and furniture drainage basin.
  • Bubble level to assure perfect leveling of the furniture.
  • Tape measure, used to take the necessary steps to install the furniture.
  • Hacksaw blade metal, for cutting PVC pipe if necessary to install the sink faucet and drain.
  • Glue gun to apply silicone sealant between the basin wooden cabinet and the wall.
  • Gloves and safety glasses for the safety and protection of the operator during work.
  • Cutter to cut and remove the existing silicone sink.
  • Wrench to tighten nuts and untighten faucets and hoses.
  • Spanner, very useful if there is no space to use a wrench.

The materials required for installation of the sink or sink cabinet are:

Furniture, wood furniture is to be installed.

Washbasin or sink, use the right to install on the cabinet.

Teflon, to help seal and sealing of threaded pipe joints.

Silicone to seal sink between furniture and the wall.

Elbow PVC and PVC sleeve to make splices necessary drains need to be extended.

PVC adhesive necessary to bond the PVC pipe in the case it is needed to extend the sink drain.

PVC Cleaner, special cleaner for PVC pipe glue smear before.

Cloth helps clean the PVC pipe before being glued.

PVC pipe to make the necessary adjustments in the sink drain pipe.

First of all, before you have to remove the water from the sink, for it cut the key, usually located under the sink, in case of not having the key cut bathroom water closes then open the tap to drain the water that may be in the pipeline, and proceeds to disconnect the hoses from the tap, for which the wrench will be used.

After removing the hoses, drain the sink bezel is removed, in order to easily remove the sink, with his screwdriver screw the bezel is removed

Remove the existing silicone between the sink and the wall with the help of the cutter is removed.

Remove the screws fixing the sink or sinks that are on the bottom against the wall, once this is done then the sink and the pedestal is removed.

With the cutter silicone that has pedestal at the bottom, and removed the pedestal sink and proceed to remove the drain, which makes the PVC siphon unscrewing the part is removed.

Standing and fixing furniture basin centering it blocks shots sewer and water connections, if the cabinet has rear panel must be opened with the jig or scroll saw a hole in the panel, so they can make connections, valves and drain may be placed on the size of the sink cabinet or a smaller size that would be installed on a counter.

In the case of sink the same size as the furniture made ​​silicone on both sides, and turn the faucet assembly over the sink, then mount it on the furniture is made, and is perfectly sealed, because silicone takes 24 hours to dry.

Hoses to the tap join and installation is performed according to the manufacturer, placing all necessary gaskets to remain tightly sealed and no water leaks occur.

Once installed faucet, proceed to install the drain of the sink, make sure the rubber gasket on the drain bezel fits snugly, and the screw is tightened, so there are no leaks.

The sink is installed centered to the cabinet, or is, it must have the same distance from the sides of the cabinet to the edge of the sink, after connecting hoses tap the pipes is done, remembering that the hot water is connected to the left and the cold water is connected to the right, then the sink drain is connected to the drain of the wall.

Finally the silicone between the sink and the wall shows, expect that silicone dry before using the lavatory, at least about 24 hours.

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