Choosing a kitchen cabinet

A kitchen remodel (or build one from scratch) is a long and expensive process. The largest purchase you will definitely make the cabinets, and is not a decision to be taken lightly. Cabinets that work well for your needs is an investment well worth while poorly chosen cabinet will be a source of daily frustration. Read on to learn more about your options when buying cabinets.

Quality and Options

Cabinets account for about half the budget of an average kitchen remodel, so obviously the cost is an important consideration. If looking to cut costs, this is an obvious place to do it. But keep in mind that when it comes to furniture, you get what you pay for. Cheapest cabinets can be found often made with lower quality materials that break down and need replacing, and can be made in such a way that makes it difficult and frustrating to use them.

Cabinet Shopping can easily be divided into three categories: stock, semi-custom and custom. Purchase of shares would be walking in the store of home improvement and selection of items right off the shelf, with little or no options for upgrading or setting. This is often the most budget-friendly option. Semi-cabinets are obtained when selecting from a preset list of options from the manufacturer, they cost more, but more control over your purchase is allowed. Custom cabinets are designed from top to bottom for you (or your architect or designer). These cost more but provide you with exactly what you envision for your space.


The choice of materials in your cabinets have a great impact not only on price but on the overall look of the product. Your options include particle board, MDF (medium density fiberboard), plywood, solid wood, metal and laminate or melamine. Particle board and MDF are in lower cost varieties. Note that these can be covered with sheets to give the appearance of solid wood. Plywood is stronger than the well can be covered or left on his own as a more modern look. Solid wood is more expensive and more luxurious. According to the manufacturer, you can choose from oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, exotic wood or even bamboo or other. Veneers never achieve the look of solid wood. These are often found in more traditional styles. Metal, melamine laminate and all offer a modern and elegant look.


The hardware is often completely invisible after installation, but makes a big impact on usability of the cabinets. Drawer vary in quality: the best use ball bearings while others use nylon wheels or rollers. Physical location of the slide in the drawer (side or bottom) affects available drawer space. Hinges on cabinet doors can be mounted entirely inside (invisible when closed) or a piece shown in (traditional) outside. Some hinges are also made to be soft-closed, which reduces noise and fingers slapped.

Shelf supports are fairly standard, and generally made of plastic or metal. In some cases, you may find furniture with optional brackets adjustable, allowing you to rearrange the shelves as needed. Knobs and drawer doors are a purely cosmetic option that has a great impact on the overall style of the room. If you are not satisfied with those that come with your cabinets (or just want a change), which can be replaced inexpensively at any hardware store or home improvement.

Construction and Design

Framed frameless front is the main difference in the construction of cabinets. Framed cabinets, as you would expect, is constructed with a skeletal frame without frame are not. Most common styles of cabinets is framed.

The style and design of the cabinets are one of your main concerns as a homeowner. You may have a specific style in mind or want to match the style of your home. Or maybe you do not know what you want at all! Our recommendation would be to look in stores and home improvement online and find out what styles you like most. Remember, if you get tired of a style after a few years, in many cases, you can change! Veneers can be changed, the wood can be painted, and the doors can be removed and replaced with a different style.

Cabinets are a great investment in your home as well as an important piece of functional furniture. Learn everything you can about your options before you buy to make sure you make a choice you will be happy to live with for many years.

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