Choosing crown molding to kitchen

The crown molding can add that finishing touch in a room and can achieve a more stylized feel. If you install crown molding in the kitchen, there are specific problems for this room. Usually, the kitchen has different dimensions and appliances that require a person to choose crown molding to a kitchen with these problems in mind.


Election of crown molding to kitchen

  1. Decide the type of crown molding you want to choose for the kitchen. Many types of crown molding, ogee as the rose vine and dentil. The type of crown molding you choose depends on the style of the house and how the crown molding in your kitchen is formed.
  2. Choose the material of the crown molding for the kitchen. Options for crown molding materials are divided into two categories: wood and crown molding compound. The wooden crown looks better but costs more and does not last as long as the crown molding compound. The most expensive type of wood trim is hardwood such as oak.
  3. Determine whether you are installing crown molding on the shores of the kitchen cabinets or if using the traditional method and attach the crown molding around the kitchen in the part where walls and ceiling meet. If you choose to install crown molding on cabinets, it’s important to choose the crown molding for kitchen cabinets best compliments.
  4. Select the width of the crown molding. Choosing a crown molding that is too wide can throw the kitchen. The crown molding that is too big and gaudy draw attention to itself and away from the rest of the room.
  5. Make sure the crown molding in the kitchen look elegant. If the crown molding is significantly different from the elegance of the kitchen, the room did not look good.

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