Covers for sofas, protection and diversity

When you have kids at home or pets we allow going up to the sofa, it is worth protecting our resting place. The best way is to do covers for sofas.


  • Measurements:  sleeves can be standard or specific to the size of each sofa.
  • Designs: variety of designs covers for sofas has increased markedly in recent years. They are no colors and materials as unsightly and boring.
  • Renovation: the covers are a great way to renew the look of the room without making a big investment.

Until recently the sofa covers not had much good press, especially since the catalog was pretty lame.

However, in recent times the sofa covers offer a wide range of patterns, designs and materials that besides protecting our couch get us to give a different touch to our living room giving the feeling that we have changed the decor without great economic efforts.

There are also different types of covers for sofa as sofas are also multiple types, sizes and shapes.

Types of covers for sofas

  • Elastic Ends: such cases get to cover the entire surface of the sofa. They fit perfectly even in sofas with removable cushions. Usually quite resistant and generally processed in Jacquard, although they can be found in other materials..
  • Duo System: it is two pieces maximizing the individual design that has the couch without losing that special touch to the decor.
  • Covers chaise longue: are composed of three individual parts that cover the armrest, the center and the back of the sofa. They come in various sizes.

They also have three pieces for the armrests, the center and the rest of the couch. It is the fastest way to cover sofas straight or jagged lines. It is perfect for designer sofas.

Gone are the boring sofas, we can now enjoy the sofas look old by wear but are still the most comfortable in the world. The colors and long life we can give thanks to our sofa covers, is a wonderful advance in the decor without having to do further large economic investments.

If you also want our sofa has a suit can order cases with the exact measurements for a perfect fit and can boast of good taste and comfort when it houseguests.

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