Creating a window in a door

Thus, in addition to changing the appearance, also achieve more light.

In this section, we suggest creating a window in a door inside, so we changed his appearance and create greater feeling of spaciousness in the room. A very simple job, we’ll see, step by step below.


  • Cordless drill
  • Wood drill bit Ø 10 mm
  • Keyhole saw
  • Wood Sheet
  • Miter Box
  • Sierra rib
  • Silicone Applicator Gun
  • Taco medium grit sandpaper


  • Glass thickness of 5 mm
  • Moldings
  • Universal Adhesive
  • Finishing nails

We can precede the work of two ways: the first, which is what, will lead us out, we buy glass and first on the basis of their actions, making a hole in the door. And the other option is to first draw the window in the door and buy later, a glass that fits this measure.

Step by step to create a window in a door

Step 1

First, we get the door on your location and place it on the desk. We report the crystal that we have acquired in our shop DIY on the door and draw the cutting lines.

Step 2

Next, put masking tape to avoid damaging the surface when cut. With the drill and wood drill bit, make a large enough to insert the saw blade hole. It is advisable to place a martyr under the door.

Step 3

Next, make the dump, using the jigsaw and a blade for wood. As this door is solid, no need to reinforce the inside of the hole. Otherwise, we would have to fill it with polyurethane foam, for example.

Step 4

Next we review the areas is cut with a piece of medium grit sandpaper, to remove any burrs. Then clean the dust produced a paper.

Step 5

When you have calculated the extent of the moldings, mark the cut points and with the help of the saw and a miter box, cut the pieces. Then we remove the burrs.

Step 6

We apply a universal, strong and resistant to shock and vibration profiles adhesive and stick in place. To give the product, use a conventional spray to silicone.

Step 7

Once the adhesive has dried, we protect your hands with gloves and strong sanded glass edges, avoiding leaving any projection with which can harm us.

Step 8

You can place a piece of glass in the doorway.

Step 9

is the turn of the daffodils. As we cut the ends at an angle of 45 º, gently sanded shear zones and set the pieces on the door, with finishing nails.

Step 10

Now, we just put the door back into place. Quickly and economically, we have changed the look of this door, obtaining excellent results. With this simple work, plus get more light, we have provided greater spaciousness to the room.

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