Creating resin figures

The resin figures we can do at home quickly and easily. In addition, the possibilities are many as we can find molds. Not require any artistic skill in particular.

Steps to make resin figures

If we use a silicone mold, we know that the first thing to do is spread a thin layer of Vaseline. This will prevent the resin figure adhere to unmold.

If we have chosen the mold consists of two parts, we must use something that allows us to combine the figure, for example, clips or glue to keep both parts of the mold together. Now if we use a one-piece mold, this step is not necessary.

In a cube combine the required amount of catalyst with resin. We cannot give an accurate measure because each brand based on this measure resin changes. Still, it is something you should not worry, because the amount of combination that we will use specified by the brand. We will follow the instructions of the brand of resin and all will be well. Then mix well with a stick quantities or some tool that allows.

Pour the mixture of polyethylene resin on the mold and let it harden. This process is lengthy, depending on the thickness of the figure we draw will comprise from 4 to 6 hours. We can give you the figure adding color to acrylic paint before pouring the mixture into the pan.

As we said before, if our mold consists of two parts, join with a clip, a rubber band or similar tool to complete union of the two parts of the mold. As time passes preferred gums withdraw or tongs and will take off one side of the mold carefully. If we see that the resin is properly dry, we will remove the sides of the mold.

Finally, just have to wash the pan with soap removes grease to remove any remaining resin and petrolatum, and to reuse it in top condition.

The perfect molds

What we must keep in mind from the start is choosing the right mold, because the final result will depend on this. Most of the molds consist of two parts, although they are only one part compounds are made to be peeled from the resin after it dries.

In any case, these silicone molds may be found in shops specializing in crafts, visual arts, and the like.

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