Discover the different types of blinds

The blinds have become very popular when it comes to decorating the windows in our home. They are a great option to have privacy and let the light pass. That is why it is possible to see many different types of blinds to choose from depending on the style of the room.

In this post we are going to see why choose the blinds and the various types of blinds that there are nowadays in the market, which are not few. Among them we can find the one that we like most for our windows. They are certainly a great option to create intimacy and let light pass.

Curtains or blinds

When it comes to choosing one or the other, we have to keep some things in mind. For example, curtains are an elegant and classic option that never fails, and is also perfect in places of passage such as balconies. However, if we want something practical for a place where we only want to cover the window as in the kitchen, because the best are the blinds. They cover just the right thing and we can regulate light easily. In addition, having a square design, in the blinds we can find many more prints to decorate the windows. They are light and usually cost less than curtains, so they are a great option for places where we just want to cover the window without being disturbed by the curtains.

Blinds for rods

The blinds of rods are simple and elegant, and some of the most used. They are characterized by having rods that help them to collect more easily without becoming wrinkled. Thus they always have a good appearance, stretched and letting light pass. They are very elegant and in these they look better the designs and prints in case we choose a blind with an original image.

Packing Blinds

The so-called package blinds are like those of rods, since they are collected horizontally by sections, but in this case they do not have rods, so they are wrinkled a little more. This makes them used in decorations that have an informal touch, boho style or in Ibiza or ethnic environments. If you want something more classic and sophisticated it is better to choose the rods.

Venetian blinds

The Venetian blinds are like the package but these are collected with a cloth ribbon. They are ideal to give a romantic and classic touch to any room. A good choice for children’s rooms, especially if we buy them with beautiful prints such as pictures or flowers.

Double Blinds

The double blinds are an option that has enough fabric, so they may seem much more bulky, but nevertheless they are ideal for places where we want to have privacy and get a blind for the day and another for the night.

Roller shutters

These blinds work like the package and rods, but have a horizontal tube in which the blind is collected. They are more practical, perfect for places like the office or for functional styles like the Nordic. These blinds also work very well in all types of environments and rooms.

Japanese blinds

The Japanese blinds are a great trend, and it is that they are blinds that sometimes reach the ground, and are organized in panels that are withdrawing sideways. If there is something that characterizes these blinds is the elegance they give to the rooms, being a good option to cover a window where we also have the radiator or the balcony window, as they usually reach the ground. These blinds allow us to control much of the light coming in and are also sometimes used to separate environments within the same room, as they are like cloth walls. Their originality and elegance have turned them into blinds very demanded. They are perfect for the most modern and minimalist styles.

Night and day blinds

These blinds blend into their fabric translucent parts and opaque parts that overlap. We can regulate the light leaving one or others, so that it is easier to have a clear or dark environment with them. They are a great choice.

Shades motorized

An option that is very new and ideal for the most modern houses is that of motorized blinds. These are collected and put with a small motor, so we will not have to make much effort. In fact, in homes with demotics this could be done even from outside the house, making them the most modern and advanced blinds.

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