Door Installation in concrete blocks

For door installation in concrete blocks, is very important to know that for the placement of the door must take into account the modulation of cement blocks and hits, that is, how to link openings doors for masonry cement block is as follows : the opening of the hole where you are installing the door, along with the frame either wood or aluminum and the trim of the door, must respect the modulation of multiples of 20 centimeters, that are related to measures of concrete blocks , concrete blocks have a measure of 19 inches plus a inch of paste , makes working with the module 20 inches.

The anchoring of the door frame to the wall of cement blocks, must be made with universal plugs fisher and steel security screws 10 mm in diameter, these anchoring elements should be placed at a distance of no more than 60 inches between them about, you have to fix them, but previously marking and leveling of the wall is done so that no problems opening the door arise.

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