Draining the water from a window air conditioner

The window air conditioners are well appreciated in warm climates when a house has no central air conditioning. The units of window produced water and it must leave the device. When an air conditioner is not installed properly or when your drainage system is blocked, water can build up and cause problems. Fix these problems is usually a simple repair that most owners can do.


  1. Disconnect the AC from the wall.
  2. Place the filter. Often the AC will have a door on the inside of the unit with the filter. Remove the filter and wash or replace it. This should be done once a month when the unit is running.
  3. Go outside and look at the AC side. When units of window are properly installed, they must appear to be slightly tilted down. If the unit is level or up, it produces water run to the window or inside the house.
  4. Work with an assistant from outside (when possible) to replace the unit window and achieve the proper downward tilt. If you are a multistory floor in a building, this could be a difficult process. If you took the air blocks with accordion on each side of the air conditioner, you could pour a small amount of water in the tray to check the slope of the same.
  5. Place towels on the floor and takes the air in if it does not seem to be dripping water from the tray. Tilt the unit to be able to see the tray. Should have a hole in the bottom of the tray near the rear edge thereof. Sometimes the gaps are filled with impurities or nonexistent. If a tray but no hole, the unit may be built with flaws. Look at the shape and inclination of the tray to determine where it should be. The hole is at the lower rear of the tray. Drill a small hole or hits where it should be.
  6. Test the water in the drain pan to see if the new hole. Clean if dirty tray for water to flow smoothly through the tray. Place the air conditioner properly to have a small slope down into the tray. Test the water flow again. If water flows through the hole and out of the building your problem should be solved. Replace the accordion panels and connect the unit again.

Tips and Warnings

Never insert tools in the air conditioning while it is operating or connected. Make sure the drill or make a hole only tool in the drain pan or you could ruin the unit. If it has a drip pipe is not leaking, clean it as the tray. You can run a drip pipe outside the unit.

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