Easy Way to Cut Crown Molding

To cut crowns over 4 ½ “ideally use saws with blades of 12” because in this way all you have to do is put the molding with the bottom against the fence of the saw cut and the top of the platform against the saw. The underside or bottom is the decorative part of the molding, as shown in the image on the left.

The angled sides of the molding must rest completely on the guide and on the base. The advantage of using this method is that we only need to use the selector base angles (Mitter), unlike when we put the back of the molding lying on the base of the mountain, in which case we use the two angles: the base and the disc.

When we are out of square corners, which are most of the time, we just have to adjust a single angle – the base in this case – to adapt the imbalance. Be sure to install extensions that come with the high sierras before using this procedure. Not all moldings have equal angles banks, being common in North America the 52 º / 38 º, so the instructions below are for this type of molding.

Inside Corner 90 °

Locate the selector base angles at 45 ° to the right and cut. The piece that will be on the right. Put another strip of molding and move the selector to the left angle to 45 ° and cut considering that the part to be used is left.

Outside Corner 90 °

Move the selector angle at 45 ° to the right and cut. The piece will be used on the left. After putting another strip of molding, move the selector to the left until the cut at 45 and retaining the top right.

Check the ends of the moldings, as sometimes come with imperfections and if so, make the cut where the good part starts. If you have a small saw to cut and has a large molding, has no choice but to cut lying on the base, with decorative side up. As shown in the photograph.

All saws are not equal. Some come with disc tilt headstock for both sides – left and right – and others have the headstock tilt to one side. Start with simple tilt saws and then see the steps for cutting saws crowns double tilt angles of moldings using 52 º / 38 º and assuming that the walls or furniture are at 90 º accurate.

Saw Tilt Single

In this case, we can and just tilt the headstock to one side – usually to the left – we flip the molding according to the part we’re going to cut, left or right. (Read Practical Guide to Buy Machines and Power Quality Tools)

Left Side Corner Interior

Place the top of the molding against the fence of the base. The top angle (headstock) should be 33.85 ° and the bottom corner (base) to 31.62 ° on the right. Court preserving the piece left.

Right Side Corner Interior

The bottom of the molding against the fence goes from the base. The upper angle should be 33.85 ° and 31.62 ° angle smaller than the left side. Part used is the left.

Left outside Corner

The bottom of the molding against the fence should be. Adjust the angle exceeds 33.85 ° and 31.62 ° to the lower left. The good side is to the right.

Right outside Corner

Adjust the angle greater than 33.85 ° and 31.62 ° lower right. The part used is the right one.

Saws Dual Tilt: Right and Left

With this type of machine, no need to turn to cut the molding. Just keep the molding with the top against the fence. Remember that the trim should be lying flat on the base of the mountain.

Interior Corner Right Side

The top of the molding goes against the fence. Greater than 33.85 ° left corner. Lower angle 31.62 °. The party will be left to use.

Interior Corner Part Right

Angle greater than 33.85 º and 31.62 º below. The part we use is right.

Outside Corner Part Right

Angle greater than 33.85 º and 31.62 º below. The part we use is right. While we try to be accurate, it is best to first test with two leftover pieces before cutting moldings installed.

In a future article, I will give the guidelines for installing Crown Molding with edges 45 º/45 º.

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