Home improvement aids

Home improvement programs vary in the types of work a homeowner can do in their home; however, many government agencies and private low aid to moderate income homeowners improves their homes.

General repair

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers single-family housing loan and donation programs for home improvement people who improve safety, sanitation and general decency of the home. Some may be eligible for grants to repair their homes.

Air conditioning assistance

The Energy Department administers a program called the air conditioning assistance program, or WAP. This program allows the agencies that administer the program to complete home repairs for people who need to reduce their energy costs.

Repairs that contractors can finish in a home will depend on several elements, such as whether repairs will effectively reduce energy bills, and whether funding is available to help the family in performing the types of repairs needed specifically for their home. Families may have new insulation installed in their homes, air conditioning or repaired heating appliances, new ducts installed and stained window installed windows looking out into the sun.

Families wishing to apply for WAP may need to contact their local County offices, or find an agency community in their area of ​​action.

Disaster prevention

Some community action agencies and other governmental and non-profit agencies use government funding for shutter and storm hazard mitigation programs to help families protect their homes from natural disasters. This type of program usually works in areas where disasters such as hurricanes, floods or other wind storms are likely to occur. State and local agencies administer these programs through the National Pre-Disaster Mitigation Fund.

To apply for these programs, those seeking assistance should contact their local County government offices or community action agencies to inquire about eligibility requirements and the availability of these programs.

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