How to age furniture

Are you passionate about decorating? Want to give it a rustic, antique or vintage touch to your furniture? Now, make your old furniture look is a whole trend in this article we show how to age furniture using a simple trick. You only need primer, which can be applied on all kinds of furniture to get the vintage effect you want. Follow these simple steps and make your furniture become prefabricated authentic relics.


  1. Etching technique. This is a technique that involves sanding the cabinet surface. You must do it gently, since the effect we want to achieve is that the top is rough. To do this, you can use a fine grit sandpaper.
  2. If the cabinet is not prefabricated, it will be easier to sand following the wood grain. Otherwise, you should do it how you see fit, since furniture is made of prefabricated laminated surfaces.
  3. Remove any dust from the surface after it has been sanded. To do this, you will be more comfortable using a damp cloth.
  4. Primer. Once you have sanded the wood, apply a coat of primer. This will serve as basis for subsequent coats of paint. Once applied the paint let dry.
  5. When the primer is completely dry, you can apply the first base color. Ideally, use a brown based, similar to the original color of a dark wood. For the furniture is well covered, apply two coats of paint and let them dry between coats.
  6. After the base has dried, take a candle and rub on the furniture. Apply the wax in the areas you want to make them look old as points, edges or legs. With this trick, you get the furniture look worn, either over time or for giving much use.
  7. Remove excess wax from the surface with a brush. Do it carefully so as not to completely remove the main layer.
  8. Once you’re done, apply a couple of coats of white paint. It may be bright or dim, depending on your taste. You can also use the color that best suits your style: blue, green, purple, etc… Let the paint dry.
  9. Take fine sandpaper and a knife round tip and remove the paint from areas where there is wax. The goal is to see the color of the base. Do this step carefully.
  10. Another trick to give a final touch is varnished furniture. You can make a homemade mixed with four parts water and one primer. Apply a coat of furniture in different areas to make them look even older.
  11. Follow this etching technique for aging your furniture and get your furniture look much older.

You need

  • Fine sandpaper.
  • Primer.
  • Brown base paint.
  • Paint color.
  • Vela.
  • Knife round toe.
  • Brush.

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