How to build a wood-burning grill

Build a charcoal grill is a simple task that requires only a few materials and less than an hour. A charcoal grill is very different than a gas or charcoal grill, because the burning flood your meal with delicious flavors. Any grill is a great option during the warmer months, as it often acts as a meeting point for casual dining or outdoor gatherings.


  1. Place the gravel base. Gravel is a nonflammable material, so it must be big enough to fit the wheel and deep enough to not protrude grass blades.
  2. Place the tire on the rim of gravel. Press it into the gravel to secure it in place.
  3. Place the wood chips in your new grill and wood saturated with lighter fluid. Do not use soft wood such as pine, because it will not burn cleanly and will make your food taste like creosote.
  4. Place the grill directly over the rim. To rest secure, the grid should be slightly larger than the wheel.
  5. Light wood with a match or a lighter to barbecue. Let the wood burn for at least 30 minutes before adding food to make sure the lighter fluid has evaporated. The fire must die a little to avoid burning your food.
  6. Place the food on the grill and cook as you normally would.

Tips and Warnings

  • Place your charcoal grill outdoors and away from buildings or trees to prevent fires caused by embers.

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