How to rent a carpet cleaning machine

The rent of a machine for cleaning carpets is a cheap way to clean them deeply. The machines give you the option of using an upholstery attachment to clean your furniture. Normally the machine can be rented for periods of 24 hours, but this can vary depending on the store. Before using a machine for cleaning carpets and upholstery, read all instructions, follow all warnings and familiarize yourself with the machine.


  1. Visit a store home improvement or a supermarket chain.
  2. Ask at the counter if they rent a machine for cleaning upholstery.
  3. It shows two identifications. They can serve as a driver’s license, student card, military identification, voter registration card or passport.
  4. You pay a deposit. Some stores require a deposit to rent the cleaning machine. Deposits vary from store to store. If a deposit is required, it will be returned in full if the machine is in the same condition in which you take it when rented.
  5. Rent the accessories to clean upholstery. Usually these accessories can be rented separately for a small fee.
  6. Purchase chemicals suitable for cleaning machine. You must buy these chemicals separately and usually find them next to the carpet cleaning machines.
  7. Ask the seller about the operating instructions of the machine cleaning upholstery and carpets. The seller can give instructions if they are not attached to the machine.

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