How to shop for home improvement

For home improvement projects or even construction from the foundations, Lowe home improvement is a good place to start. You can shop online or in person, but not all items are available online.


  1. Visit the Lowe website to find the price and availability of the item you are interested in. You can also visit other websites to compare prices, but Lowe is very competitive, and they have a great selection.
  2. Order the item securely online and have it shipped to your door if you want, or find out if it is available at your nearest store. Some items cannot be shipped and should be picked up at the store.
  3. Have plenty of time if you go to the store. You’ll want to see a great selection of Lowe.
  4. Pick up a sales flyer at the front door, if you have not already seen one.
  5. Exploring the items you want.
  6. Be sure to get help with the large, bulky or heavy items and items that are on the top shelf.
  7. Be prepared to pay with a debit, credit, or debit card, or apply for a lowe credit. Have a photo ID.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have your goods made of wood or metal cut to size in the store. They also offer an assembly service and can supply a contractor to do your project.
  • Take a friend with you to help carry heavy or bulky items. Lowe’s employees are willing to help, but sometimes they are very busy. Loading your own shopping will save time.

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