How to wash a wool carpet at home

Most people are surprised to learn that Oriental rug wool can be washed at home. Normally these mats are washable can be washed in water, but you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. These instructions work for medium-sized rugs.


  1. A spire the carpet. Do it for both sides.
  2. Clean stains with an appropriate stain remover for wool carpets. Be sure to try it on a less visible area to see if fade.
  3. Take out the carpet and put in a clean, paved area.
  4. Wets the carpet with a hose.
  5. Add two caps as lite detergent in a bucket of cold water. Using a mixer causes the washing water in the bucket is generated.
  6. Use a sponge or cloth on the carpet with foam and washing water, rubbing with care.
  7. Once you’re done with detergent, rinse the carpet.
  8. Rub the carpet with dry towels to remove the remaining water. The wet carpet will be very heavy.
  9. Prevents are long periods of time in the sun as this may cause discoloration or shrink.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always use a detergent with a neutral pH (5.0-8.0).
  • You should clean your wool rug every 12 or 18 months.
  • If you do not want to wash the carpet yourself, you can hire a cleaning company that is dedicated to that and do the work for you.

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