Ideas for a main bathroom and closet

A master suite is more than just a bedroom; it includes a bathroom and a closet with input only from the private room. This allows the owner of a house more privacy from the rest of the activities of the family. In recent years, the bathroom and master closet has expanded to include more amenities fourth largest cabinet.

Areas sink

The sink area and a master bath countertop should be spacious enough to accommodate two people comfortably at the same time. Some have separate bathrooms for each sink areas for privacy. A toilet can be included for a woman to apply her makeup. The granite countertops are desirable for its luxurious style and easy to clean surface, Increases the height of the countertop 30 inches (77 cm) standards to 34 inches (87 cm) for taller adults.

Bath and shower

Many master bathrooms include both a bath and a shower, for optimum relaxation; install a large bath with relaxing jets. The shower should be large enough and have enough shower heads so that two people can use it simultaneously. For a contemporary look, use a shower door and walls of transparent glass. If your bathroom is small, remove the tub and opt for a shower only.


If space allows, encloses the toilet in its own little room in the bathroom for added privacy. If you are more limited with space, build a partition wall to hide the toilet from view. Add a bidet or urinal in a luxury bathroom.


Storage is always a key factor in any room. Plan enough space to keep all the bedding, toiletries and cleaning implements for all the main room. A combination of open shelves, cabinets and a wardrobe of clothes layer provide space and organization to fill your needs.


The style of the master bathroom should be an extension of the room. Colors, decor and amenities must conform to both your personal tastes and your budget. Make art on the walls and candles. Plants provide natural beauty and some even bloom in the humid environment of a bathroom.

Locker room

Many main rooms now include one or more locker rooms instead of the old standard wall cabinets which rarely provide enough room for most couples. To efficiently use the space in your closet, add a second hanging rod under a higher bar in some portions. Add shelves, drawers, baskets and hooks for any folded clothes, shoes and accessories. Use the highest shelf to store clothing is not seasonal in locked drawers.

Large locker rooms

A fourth king cabinet can include an island with drawers, shelves and a flat surface to fold laundry or place accessories. You could also have the space for a full-length mirror, an ironing board or a basket for laundry. A washer and dryer is a convenient luxury in a larger master closet.

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