Ideas for creative lighting for children’s rooms

While your child’s bedroom should help stimulate your imagination, you should also feel calm enough to foster a restful night’s sleep. Because of this, the lighting scheme has to be multifunctional and suitable for everything from doing the task of socializing to reading and to falling asleep. However, children grow and change so quickly that spending money on expensive specialty lighting can be a waste. Instead, adopt low-cost lighting solutions that can be easily changed to suit your child’s tastes and needs.

Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns offer a thrifty way to illuminate your child’s attractive room. Cover existing ceiling lights with colored lanterns, or buy plain white lanterns and allow your child to decorate with paint, beads or colored pencils. The chains of paper lamps provide indirect lighting for your child’s bedroom. These can be decorated in a similar way to balloon lanterns, or they may be twisted to form illuminated mobiles.


Chandeliers give bedrooms central lighting. While many styles are not appropriate for children’s rooms, old candlesticks can be found in thrift stores or garage sales and tailored to suit your purpose. Spray paint metal chandeliers with bright colors such as neon green or electric blue. Replace curtains for ceiling lamps with tiny paper lamps chandeliers, or glue gun with wooden beads, shells, pine cones or tiny figurines. Once mounted, your child’s redecorated lamp should lend its brightness to the room and joy.


Evening lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps can be flexibly combined to brighten up your child’s room. In addition to providing strong lighting sources, lamps can also aesthetically enhance your child’s room. Children can paint lampshades with their favorite motifs, or retrieve them in fantastic canvases. Photos can be cropped on lamp screens with clips, or favorite photos could be printed on lamp screens directly. Ribbons or pompoms can be sewn on rims Lamp screen, or patterns could stencil on both lamp bases and shadows.

Lamp closures

Each child should have a reading lamp positioned next to their bed. These help your child read safely at night, as well as helping younger children’s parents read stories before bed. Use adjustable overhead clamp lamps for your child’s bedside table, as these can be moved, as needed. Such lights can be moved and adjusted to facilitate other activities, such as craft projects, homework sessions, or games.

Christmas lights

The chains of Christmas lights to make warm indirect, dim lighting. Use these to complement the overhead lighting or lamp illumination. These can also be left to act as nocturnal. Use Christmas lights to outline objects in your child’s room, such as your headboard or shelf, or chain them over window borders. This will give your child’s room a fancy, cozy atmosphere.

Shooting Lights

Touch lights are ideal for spot-specific lighting. Use these to light cabinets, or place a bench of them above a child’s table. Aesthetically, these can be used to illuminate key objects in the child’s room, such as a favorite piece of art or a bowl of a pet fish.

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