Ideas of decorative stones for exterior walls

Add a wall outside a decorative landscape rock by incorporating a natural or constructed. Mix textures, creates a slightly curved wall or add a touch of nature by using a technique called stacking dry, Illuminates the wall and the surrounding area for a late night display or steering. Decorative rock walls may be small, quick projects or may be included in larger projects such as yard and fence that surrounds the property.

Mix textures

Built an outer wall to outline a patio, mark an entry courtyard or block a view, by mixing textures of rock. The rough stone (split face) is cut approximately four sides, but slightly flattened at the top and bottom to facilitate stacking. Mix it with a slab of sandstone, a rock cutting plane found in colors from pink to white-gray to ocher. Create columns of sandstone slab with a rough stone wall. Match the colors of the two materials or put them in contrast. Lighting adds to the tops of the columns to mark entries or illuminate a walkway. Mix other combinations of stones such as river rock, granite rocks, basalt rock moss, slip stone or limestone.

Reconstituted stone

The reconstituted stone is made of crushed rock aggregate authentic baked bricks and shaped to appear rough as the rock on both sides. It is used in commercial landscaping projects because of the price, convenience and speed of installation; they are excellent for outdoor decorative wall containment in the street, along a flowerbed or in a backyard landscape. Many products are designed with an alignment system in the baked product so that the stones can be easily aligned. They stacked as bricks, but do not require mortar or cement. Mix colors and shapes to more decorative wall options or create curved and angled add more visual interest to walls.

Make it bigger

Use a dry stacked wall to create a low wall. Dry stack is a reference to the lack of use of cement or mortar to hold the rock together, the method may use a variety of sizes of rock. This technique creates a decorative rock wall appears to be a natural phenomenon rather than a careful placement built by humans. Start with a large stone called a rock landscape, which is sold in stores tons of rocks and stones. Select several shapes and sizes for exterior wall does not seem to be planned. Measure the length of the area to cover and acquires sufficient to fill the space for up to two or three layers. The rocks of this type of wall are stacked and placed without worrying about holes in the rocks or regularity in the final design. This idea wall with decorative rock requires the use of muscles. Hire help or gathers a group of friends for the day to help you assemble the wall.

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